Woffu API

Woffu has an API to facilitate the integration with the existing systems of our clients. With it you can manage the main elements of the application, such as users, departments, requests, etc. It is based on REST, uses JSON for the exchange of data and the most common http verbs (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE) to represent the actions.

We extend the functions of our API continuously without ever forgetting the compatibility of the existing developments and integrations that use it.


The following document contains information necessary for the use of the API as the method of authentication of the requests and the way to obtain their keys.

You will also find practical examples of use. Like our API, the document will grow with new sections and more detailed information on the different resources that can be managed and the available actions.



In the following link you will find the complete list of available endpoints, data structures, parameters, payloads and response codes.