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Woffu is a cloud based platform for time-management with the purpose of maximizing communication, dedication and transparency between all departments within a company. In the age of digitalization and liquid work, HR processes need to start adapting to the new world.

Woffu enhances the relationship between employees and employers, removing frictions and making time-management easier and thus increasing productivity. Woffu is a collaborative platform and is helping companies save 85% in time-management costs and reduce absenteeism by 20% by increasing happiness at work.

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Miguel Fresneda - MD
CTO Victor Perez

Woffu goes beyond just a SaaS platform, we are a family. We want to help you change the way your HR protocols have been handled and digitize your processes to adapt to the new world of HR automation. We want to make your life much easier!

We want to make your life much easier, optimize your time management now!

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Be the most recognized software in employee time management offering the most complete and intuitive solution with the best customer support

Our Promise

Efficiently digitize time management policies adapting them to the current reality in order to improve the relationship between employee and employer