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As leading time management digitalisation specialists, we solve complex HR issues.

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Manage absences and attendance all in one place, at the same time

Avoid hidden costs that you might incur by managing absences and attendance separately, whilst optimising your resources. Find a comprehensive, incident-free time management solution.


Connect our cutting-edge time management solution with your systems

Our dedicated integration team will help you to easily integrate our solution into your ERP/HCM systems. Maximise usage with specialised solutions.

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Cover all daily recording needs

Save time and money that you are currently spending on cumbersome attendance management. Only a specialised time management tool can meet your needs and improve your processes.

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Manage time off intuitively

Automate and plan the management of absences and time off using a collaborative environment with 100% uptake. Obtain reports on HR indicators in real time.

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Rest easy knowing you're in the hands of an experienced, passionate team

Woffu makes it easy. The most modern, intuitive and cutting edge app on the market.

Knowing that all our employees are clocking in and out and recording their requests gives us peace of mind. We all manage our own time, without feeling controlled. It’s quite the opposite, actually! This gives us a clear view of the number of hours worked and time taken off. With a top-rated customer success and service team, Woffu considers its excellent after-sales service to be one of its most significant assets.

Carlos Alonso - Cliente satisfecho gestión del tiempo optimizada
Carlos Alonso
Human Resources Director at Eurofred
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Peace of mind knowing you are meeting legal requirements and taking care of your employees

Woffu allows us to manage our company schedule in our own way.

Meanwhile, it gives us peace of mind knowing that we are complying with all the applicable legislation. Managers are happy because they can see who is present and who is not. In addition, onboarding was so easy and didn’t require training, since it’s very intuitive. Woffu gives us so much flexibility that our employees clock in and out whenever they need to to get their work done, rather than simply complying with the law.

Ana Eva López - Cliente satisfecho gestión del tiempo optimizada
Ana Eva López
Senior HR Manager at Autovista Europe
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The optimal solution to complex productivity-measuring needs

With Woffu, we can manage three plants at once.

Compatible with multiple contracts and employees with different recording needs. This has changed the way our HR department works. Now, we have much more visibility and control without sacrificing trustworthiness and transparency. We automate 38 reports that allow us to measure productivity and obtain lots of valuable information for our senior managers.

Sheila García Martí - Cliente satisfecho gestión del tiempo optimizada
Sheila García Martí
Human Resources Department at PCS3000
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Agility and automating management of HR processes

Our HR department had all of the responsibility but very little visibility.

On the reality teams are facing. Now, each team manages itself with complete transparency and visibility. With Woffu, we meet every need and comply with every labour agreement, in addition to being able to better manage rotating schedules and absences, etc. Everything in one place! It has really streamlined work in our HR department.

María Villegas
Human Resources Specialist at UNIR

Save 86% on absence and attendance management costs

Reduce by 74% the time spent on cumbersome processes

Reach 100% uptake amongst employees