Time-off requests and management made easy

Much more than a holiday and absence manager. Get full visibility on holidays and absences in your company. It also empowers your teams to manage their days collaboratively.


The only time management solution that integrates leave and absence with attendance in real time. A multi-benefit integration that increases transparency, eliminates incidents and consequently reduces friction.

Request for time-off

  • Leave and absence request in 3 clicks
  • Anytime, Anywhere (web & mobile) and for any reason
  • Employees will be able to attach all absence documents directly in Woffu, so everything is recorded

Self-managing and fully collaborative

  • Employees are informed at all times about their holidays and leave entitlements
  • Teams can efficiently plan their holidays and days off
  • Your people can make requests for absence hours and compensate them directly with attendance hours
  • Absence calendar that can be exported to gmail, outlook, etc
  • Holiday and absence management integrated with real-time presence

Quick and easy validation by managers

  • HR and managers have a calendar view of their teams and can set rules and preferences
  • Managers validate applications with a single click, they have it all in one placerequests in one single click

Information for the HR department: better decisions and more transparency

  • An overview of the entire holiday and absence calendar is available from HR
  • The department obtains real-time reports to improve decision-making
  • Organisations benefit from the best leave and absence manager
  • The team improves its sick leave processes and reduces completely the incidents caused by disconnection between absence and presence

Guaranteed success

Has proven to save 85% of time spent on absence & vacation management

Represents 55% of financial saving on time management