Time tracking and presence management

Bet on the benefits of transparency in the management of presence and time tracking in your organization

Attendance and Time Off

The leading solution that connects time tracking and presence management integrated with absence, to optimize time in perfect harmony

Previous configuration of the theoretical hours of each employee

  • Structure your teams working schedules
  • Add the necessary breaks and limit hours with different levels of flexibility
  • Generate specific periods and rotating weeks
  • See who is present and who is absent at any given time and place

Clock ins & clock outs

  • Get visibility over your employees working hours in real-time
  • Digitizing time to measure productivity and enhance transparency
  • Give your employees ownership over their working hours
  • Automated discount of daily breaks
  • Time difference between the theoretical working day and the actual working day
  • Imputation of compensable hours and overtime
  • Time tracking and presence management adapted to current legislation and regulations

Flexible compensation and digital disconnection for your people

  • Give back the extra hours worked to your employees
  • Balance presence and absence with perfectly syncronized bags of hours
  • Make life at work more flexible and encourage digital disconnection by implementing a trust system
  • Adapt to the new workforce expectations for better retention, productivity and happiness

Guaranteed success

Win back 75% of your time and dedicate it to what really matters: people

Increase the motivation and productivity of your people by 80%, thanks to flexibility, visibility and transparency