Shift management

Visualise shift management in real time. Manage your shifts by work centres, departments and teams.


Plan and coordinate work shifts and schedules

Create work schedules

  • Easy configuration of the timetable according to employment contract and agreements
  • Create an unlimited variety of fixed, flexible and rotating schedules according to each employment contract and agreement.

Assign them to teams and departments

  • Notify your employees via app, web and email
  • Real-time visualisation of shifts
  • Information on assigned working hours per week
  • Display of employees working by department
  • Efficient shift management
  • Optimised shift schedules

View schedules on a calendar, then make decisions

  • Plan working hours on the basis of hours already worked
  • Choose to show transparency, reduce potential conflict and friction.

Integrating shifts with the actual working time

Create all possible schedules for your employees based on contracts and agreements.

  • Create personalised work schedules without limits
  • Fully adapted to local labor regulations

Minimizing incidences by digitizing your processes

  • Export attendance report in real-time
  • Allocation of excess hours to separate pockets of hours to be compensated or paid
  • Voluntary confirmation by employees of their actual working hours
  • Remote clocking in from the App or the Web

Control visits grant quick access and minimise risks

  • Identify visitors
  • Get automated, real-time security reports
  • Learn about visitation time

Biometric clocking-in devices integrated with shifts

  • Hired vs. worked hours, the great legislative dilemma
  • Registration via facial and biometric recognition
  • Digital time recording via mobile or desktop application with geolocation
  • Fingerprint or card-based recording

Guaranteed success

Save up to 86% of the time invested in attendance management

Save 55% of costs derived from these processes by going digital