Woffu Software User Licence




WOFFU JOB ORGANIZER, S.L. owns all exploitation rights (including, expressly, the rights of reproduction, modification, distribution and transformation, by any known means or any that may be created in the future as a result of existing technologies), of the WOFFU software programme to which this licence applies, including its source code, object code, pertaining documentation, appearance, structure, design and organisation.

The software programme to which this licence applies is protected by Spanish Intellectual Property Law (IPL) and by international agreements and treaties to which Spain is a signatory.

The Woffu software programme is used to optimise human resources management, minimise manual intervention and optimise tasks.

By means of this document, Woffu Job Organizer, S.L. on payment of the corresponding amount, grants the LICENSEE a licence to use the software programme under the terms specified in this document, reserving all rights over the same.

The content of said licence complements, as necessary, the Terms and Conditions (‘T&C’) available at https://woffu.com/en/terms-and-conditions/, (2) the Woffu Conditions of Use (‘ToS’) available at https://woffu.com/en/legal/ and (3) the Privacy Policy (‘PP’) available at https://woffu.com/en/privacy-policy/.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions of this licence, the Client also accepts the T&C, the ToS and the PP (jointly referred to as the ‘Agreement’), having understood that the content of this document takes priority over the terms and conditions defined in other documents owned by Woffu.

Woffu will notify the Client of any changes to the T&C, ToS and PP, which will be available at these same URLs.

The commercial conditions of the agreement are included in the present user licence, which include the quote approved by the Client and the termination and renewal conditions and payment and billing policy, among other conditions for using the programme, as well as the data processing agreement in which Woffu is considered the Data Processor.


This licence bestows a non-transferable, non-exclusive right to access the software product subject to the licence from a computer or device and for its use by the authorised number of users specified herein when purchasing the licence.

Authorised users of the licence must be members of the licensee’s organisation and its employees. Shared use of a licence by two or more organisations is strictly forbidden.

The number of authorised users of this licence may be increased or decreased with recruitments to and departures from the licensee’s workforce.

The licence granted includes all software programme updates.

By accepting the terms of this licence, the client agrees to Woffu Job Organizer, S.L. compiling and using users’ personal data for the sole purpose of the functions and operation of the software program in question. This information shall be used solely to provide the service provided through the licensed software product.


Reverse engineering.

Users will not reverse engineer, decompile, decode or disassemble the Software, nor derive any source code from the Software.

The Software is authorised as a single product. Its component parts may not be separated or used separately.

Transfers to third parties.

It is strictly forbidden to lease, share or distribute the licensed software product in any way.


Woffu Job Organizer, SL, the owner of the licensed software product, expressly reserves all rights to use the product, including the rights to reproduce, modify, publish and distribute it in any way currently known or which may emerge in the future as a result of current technologies.

Since this is a standard software product, the client is not authorised to modify or reproduce this, even to correct errors, or when such intervention is necessary for use by the legitimate user for the purposes intended, with responsibility for their correction lying with Woffu.



When granting this licence, Woffu Job Organiser offers no additional guarantees other than those imposed by law.

THE LICENSEE is entirely liable for the results of use or misuse of the software vis-a-vis any person or organisation, expressly exonerating Woffu Job Organizer, SL from all liability.

Beyond any legal obligations, the product is supplied ‘as seen’, with no additional explicit or implicit guarantees and excludes, for guidance purposes and not exclusively, any guarantee of marketability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, exactness and no breach of third-party rights. The LICENSEE is responsible for selecting the most suitable program to give the desired results, as well as its installation, use and results.

None of the information or verbal or written advice issued by Woffu Job Organizer SL or its representative should be construed as a guarantee.

Limitation of liability.

Within the legal limits of Spanish law, Woffu Job Organizer, S.L. will under no circumstances be liable to the licensee for personal damage, loss of profit or actual or any other loss, such as loss of profits or data, for penalties imposed by the labour authority, for interruption of business activity or any other type of business loss or damage resulting from or related to the use or misuse of the licensed software product, despite having informed Woffu Job Organizer, S.L. of the possibility of these losses.


In case of any disputes arising with regard to the interpretation and enforcement of this licence, both parties undertake expressly to be bound by the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona, waiving any other legal systems to which they may be entitled.

This document expresses all the parties wishes with regard to the user licence granted, and replaces all earlier and current agreements in relation to this.

This licence may only be modified under the terms of the written agreement signed with Woffu Job Organizer, SL.