The best time tracking and clocking in app

Adapt to the present and bet on teleworking safely with our App for time tracking and clocking in

App Control horario y fichaje dashboard para fichar

The most complete and secure App for time tracking at work

App adapted to teleworking and to all regulations

  • Easy to use time tracking and clock-in app for everyone, without need for training
  • App designed to clocking in from anywhere, essential for teleworking and fully adapted to new regulations
  • Clocking in with geolocation tracking, alerts and reminders

Bet on flexible working hours and teleworking

  • History of all applications and clockings kept for four years in the cloud under the highest security standards
  • App for clocking in at work and for managing all types of schedules and casuistries
  • Bet on new social trends and provide flexibility to your people without losing visibility

A clocking app adapted to the law and all new regulations in force

  • Visualization and transparency of hours worked, vacations and absences
  • Control of the balance of actual hours worked and overtime vs. hours stipulated in the contract
  • Information centralised and ready to be presented to any labour inspectorate

App for easy and simple clocking in

  • Quick set-up and configuration app, designed and ready for all iOS and Android devices
  • Simple time and attendance app, connected and synchronised with all your biometric devices and systems